How to Cash a Two-Party Check without the other Person

It’s in the mail. If you’ve ever received a check from a friend or family member, you might think that cashing it is as simple as depositing it in your bank account. However, after reading this article, you probably know that’s not always the case. Sometimes cashing two-party checks can prove more difficult than anticipated. There are many ways to cash these checks.

Nowadays, checking accounts are more important than savings accounts. Depositing a two-party check into your savings account won’t work unless both parties have one of these accounts. For advice on cashing checks, see this article if you need to deposit the check in another account.

You won’t be able to withdraw the check by yourself if both parties’ names are put on the check with “and.” In this case, the bank or financial institution will want signatures from both payees.

What is a two-party check?

A two-party check is a check that has been written in more than one name. You may write “Person A and Person B” or “Person A or Person B” on the Pay-To-The-Order-Of line. This could help you avoid potential problems.

People with a two-party check often confuse the words “and” and “or” are used. However, there aren’t many significant changes between the two words. If a check is signed by John Hancock “or” Jane Hancock, ” each partner may deposit the check into their bank account, whether a single or joint account.

However, depositing a personal cheque made out to both John Hancock “and” Jane Hancock is a little more challenging. This is particularly true if there isn’t a joint bank account between the parties. It becomes more difficult when one side refuses to sign the check.

How to cash a two-party check without the other person

You could only redeem a two-party check for the other person if the check is endorsed on the “Redeem-To-The-Authority-Of” section with the initials “Receiver A or Receiver B.” You may claim the money without either party if the payees’ initials contain a “or” among them. Including the word “or” permits either of the payees to cash the cheque without the consent or signature of the other payee. These are the steps you need to take to overcome these obstacles:

  • You should first go to the closest bank to cash your check.
  • Inquire with the bank about the check’s cash limit and verify if your check falls inside it.
  • Sign the reverse side of the check, and then present it to the cashier with your ID card or other documentation (depending on the bank).
  • You will need to pay the necessary fee at the counter in order to complete the transaction. If you cash the check, you’ll get the money immediately, but if you deposit it, it’ll take 2-3 working days for the funds to appear in your account.

How to cash a two-party check with only one signer

If the payee’s name begins with “or,” you can cash a two-party check with just one signature; you must comprehend that if the payee’s name contains the word “and,” both payees must sign the document.

Banks and check-cashing banks will require both payes to endorse the check. So, if you notice “or” between the names of two payees on the two-party check, follow the instructions below:

  • Send the check to the closest financial institution that accepts 2-party checks.
  • Verify the bank’s cash limit and determine if your check fulfils the restrictions.
  • Give the check to the cashier. He will review it, and then ask you to endorse it.
  • Sign the check’s back with your signature and hand it to the cashier.
  • You will need to submit your current photo ID as well as any additional documents.
  • If everything is in order, the cashier will verify your signature and documents.
  • Pay the required fee to complete the process.

How to handle difficulties when you are paying a two-party check with one party?

There may be difficulties when you try to pay a two party check without the other. Here are some tips to help you deal with these problems:

A: For any questions, contact the bank

  • Contact the bank if the check has misleading details or you’re unsure where to cash it.
  • Read the information on the “pay to” line to the teller to see if the other person needs to be present when the check is cashed.
  • Inquire about the type of identification you’ll need to bring. You can also reach out to the bank that issued your check, or to the bank you have an account with.

B. If you can’t cash the check, ask the payer to rewrite it

Rechecking the situation again is the best way to solve problems. This time, have the payer write the word “or” between the names. If that’s not an option, persuade the payer to split the bill and write different checks to each person.

It can be difficult to issue a check, especially if you are dealing with a federal refund. This is however the only way to be sure that the bank will accept the check.

Request a replacement check for the person on the check if they are in prison, incompetent, lost contact, or in prison.

C. Get a notarized power to attorney if the other person is unable or unwilling to sign.

This option is for those who are unable to cash the check because of physical or medical reasons. For power of attorney, you must download and sign the power-of-attorney form.

To legitimize it, submit it to your state’s finance and taxation agency. A power to attorney allows you the right to manage financial matters for another individual. This includes cashing two party checks.

A power of attorney allows you to make a payment in the name of the person who is elderly or in jail. A power of attorney document must be signed by an adult and notarized. Contact a lawyer if you require assistance.

Difference between Normal Check & Two-Party Check

Below is a table that highlights the differences between a regular check and a 2-party check.

Normal check   Two-party check  
These checks are written by the writer to another person, who then cashes them.   These checks are written by the check writer to another person, who then gives them to a third party (usually a company).  
Normal checks are used for business checks.   Payroll checks are two-party checks.  
Normal checks do not include the words ‘and” or ‘or”. Using the term “or,” either party may cash checks made payable to either party. If the word “and” was used to make out the cheque, it must be paid by both parties.  
A normal check is one that is addressed to only one payee.   A two-party check is one that has two payees.  

Bank Regulations for Cashing Two-Party Cheques 

It’s critical to understand the requirements set out by your bank for cashing two-party checks.

Banks are more concerned about the risks if one person checks a check for money and tries to transfer it into their account than to a joint account. They reduce the risk by requiring that both payees have joint accounts. A combined tax return’s tax refund cheques for married couples are written out to both persons. Bank of America regulates tax refunds but not routine checks. The same is true for Ally Bank.

Both payees will need to cash checks at Wells Fargo Chase Walmart, Chase and Chase. A state ID, driver’s license, or other legitimate official ID that can validate the signatures must also be shown.

Capital One and Citibank regulations are more loose. Cashing a check can be done by any party without requiring identification.

Online Cashing Two-Party Checks without the Other Person

There are several guidelines for cashing two-party checks online. This is dependent on the bank and how the cheque was written. Either Person may cash checks written payable to the other using the phrase “or” online. If the word “and” was used to make out the cheque, it must be paid by both parties.

To guarantee that the check clears, it’s crucial first to confirm the regulations with the bank. After that, overcome obstacles by obtaining the other Person’s signature, for example. As long as you know the bank’s policies, most checks are rather simple to handle. To cash checks online, your bank app can be used.

Is it legal for two-party checks to be cashed without the consent of the other person?

This is dependent upon your bank’s policies. Checks payable to either party with the term “or” may also be cashed by either party. However, it will be against the law to cash the cheque without the other person if it was made out to both of them with the term “and.”

Top 5 Banks That Cash Two-Party Cheques Without The Other Person

These are the Top 5 Banks that Cash Two-Party Checks without the Other Person:

  • Bank of America
  • Chase Bank
  • Discover Bank
  • Alliant Credit Union
  • Ally Bank

This is also illustrated in the infographics:

Top 5 Banks to Cash a Two-Party Check without the Other Person

Frequently Asked Question

Where is the best place for cashing a two-party cheque?

A two-party cheque can be cashed at banks or other financial institutions like a bank, check processing stores and other agencies such as Money Tree and Speedy Cash. A two-party check is not accepted by every bank. Before you try to cash it, make sure you check with the bank.

Is it possible to deposit a check from two parties into your bank account

Yes. If the check with the name states “or” on the “pay to the order of the line,” you can pay it into your bank account. On the other hand, if the check’s “pay to the order of line” says “and,” you can only lodge the check into a joint account with the other beneficiary.

You must also bring a government-issued identification card, such as a driver’s license or passport. Be sure to include your signature and photo. You can expect the teller asking for it to verify that you are the person listed on the check.

Is it possible to cash a two-party check without the other party’s signature?

  • If the payee’s name is linked by “or,” it is feasible to cash a two-party check without the other person’s signature.
  • If the payee’s name includes the word “and,” the payment will be delayed.

Banks and other check cashing establishments limit both parties’ ability to endorse the check. Financial firms require both parties ‘ signatures to ensure both sides are ready to cash the two-party check or deposit it into any particular account. If both of the parties are unable to agree to the cash payment, you can contact the bank.

What is the difference between “and” and “or” on two-party checks?

How the check was written will influence whether you deposit or cash a check sent to several payees. If the check specifies that the funds be paid to either party by utilizing the phrase “or,” the check can be redeemed by any payees.

On the other hand, if the check specifies that monies be paid to both parties by using the word “and,” the process becomes more complicated, and both payees must endorse the check.

Many banks require both the parties to verify their signatures by going to the bank and presenting a valid photo ID. If the check is written with the word “and,” depositing the check becomes more complicated. This will make it more difficult for both parties to deposit the check.

What happens if the two-party check doesn’t have an “and” or an “or”?

The bank will ask both payees to authorize the check if there is no “and” our “or” on the two-party check.

Do you accept two-party checks at Walmart?

Yes. Walmart receives two checks, as well as employment, corporation and tax, 401k payout, preprinted and underinsured driver checks.

Is it possible to cash a check written in someone else’s name?

Yes. You can cash a check in someone else’s name in the United States. The check would be ‘counter-signed by you. You would endorse or sign the check on behalf of the person named on it.


There are many benefits to two-party checks. These tips will help you cash two-party checks without having to ask the other person.

Expert Opinion

Checks are one of the most secure ways to transfer money or pay bills. Two-party checks are one of many available. While the process of depositing or cashing a two party check, also called a joint check is very similar to a conventional one, there are additional steps like validating both payes.

If you’re not familiar with two-party checks or want to learn more about the cashing process, such as cashing online with one signature and cashing with the other, follow the above steps.

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