How to Find Bank Accounts with a Social Security Number

The notion that a Social Security Number may get used to checking someone’s assets, such as bank and stock accounts, is a widespread urban individual Taxpayer Id legend. It’s not that it can’t get done in other ways; it isn’t legal in most cases. Let’s learn how to find bank accounts with a social security number.

You have additional options to locate assets, regardless of whether you have a Social Security Number. You must be careful not to exceed your legal authority to see this material. We have created this post to assist you in finding bank accounts with your social security number.

If you search for “check bank accounts using a social security number” on Google, you’ll discover a slew of private investigation advertising promising to do precisely that. Is this permissible? Like so many other questions in life, the correct answer is “maybe” or “sometimes.”

There is no magical internet resource that will allow you to enter your Social Security number and obtain a list listing of bank and property accounts. It is false. Unless there are specific circumstances, federal agencies cannot disclose information without authorization.

On the other hand, asset locations and quantities aren’t challenging to come up with for expert investigators. Every day we leave behind a trail of information breadcrumbs that can lead to a lot of asset or SS information.

Application forms, credit reports, and legal actions – particularly divorce proceedings – are examples of this. Public documents and mortgage applications are two examples. Even if the investigator doesn’t start with a subject’s Social Security number, it will appear on your credit and employment applications.

This makes it easy to get the information you need. With all this information, an investigator can typically identify the accounts’ locations and estimated amounts.

What is a Social Security number?

Social Security (SSN), a 9-digit identifier, is commonly given to American citizens, legal migrants, and certain (productive non-immigrants). The Social Security System gives out the number to keep track of people’s employment for Social Security payments. However, the SSN has become a national identification number that can be used for tax purposes and other purposes. It is often found on the U.S. It is often found on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website (USCIS).

Where can I find a Social Security number?

Sometimes, you may be asked for your Social Security Number for security reasons. This applies to jobs and services. You may be able to confirm your Social Security number if you don’t have your card and are uncertain about it by looking at specific documentation, such as your:

  • Tax filings
  • Form W-2
  • 1099 Form
  • USCIS Forms Already Submitted
  • Statements of bank accounts or other financial records

You may ask for a new Social Security card from the Social Security Administration if you don’t already have one (SSA).

What are the reasons to find bank accounts with a Social Security Number?

If you contact them, you won’t be able to go into a financial institution and pay for information about someone just because you’re interested. If you have a compelling reason to request this data, it would be a great help.

There are many compelling reasons for curiosity. For example, you’re divorced and believe your spouse’s asset statement is false. Someone who declares bankruptcy may be liable for child support or receive a court judgement.

The majority of searches for these purposes are authorized by a court order. An order from the court is required before an investigator can legally travel more than 50 miles.

He may be able to determine if a bank account is open and its location, but cannot access it legally to calculate an exact amount. The most skilled investigators may be able to make very precise educated estimates.

However, the investigator can access all information sources if they receive a court order. This applies to all federal documents as well as every brokerage and bank account.

How to Locate Bank Accounts Using a Social Security Number

How to Find Bank Accounts with a Social Security Number

Each bank and financial institution must follow certain business principles. The most important is their customers’ privacy policies. As a result, no matter how important the cause is, you will not get any information about another person’s bank account from them.

You’ll need some legal papers and authorization for this, which the agencies designated for such searches already have. To make the process easier, you’ll need connections at all levels and a large network.

As a result, here’s a rundown on how to locate bank accounts using a social security number:

Filings under Uniform Commercial Code

Uniform Commercial Code filings The authorized method for a Bank Account Search using Social Security Number is the UCC Filings. For the Uniform Commerce Code filings to be searched, you must submit a copy to Secretary of State.

In these cases, the bank that provided the loan to the defendant may also be the one the accused uses. This is a smart and common practice among debtors. If you have an existing relationship with the bank, your chances of getting a loan are higher.

Ask for a recommendation.

The secured party might need to make a few checks. This will assist in the Bank Account Search by social security number. In this situation, a debtor receives a loan that must be in the bank account.

The bank account number must be written on the back of every check during deposition. The paper trail may be available if the party is subpoenaed to provide a copy of the check.

Apply for a loan

It’ll also be necessary to consider the aim of the UCC filing. The secured party might have provided a loan application to defendant. The objective of the UCC filing in this situation is to notify the general public that the secured party has an interest in the debtor’s property.

A loan application form and a financial statement can be very useful in finding bank accounts in this situation. The debtor’s bank account details must get included in this information.

A duplicate of the debtor’s checks

The bank loans are repaid by monthly checks that the debtor writes from their checking accounts. These contributions must be made by check and not in cash. If you serve a subpoena to the bank, you may be able to obtain a copy of the checks.

Organizations that search for assets 

You can get help from major asset search companies to search for bank accounts using your Social Security Number. Private detectives can also assist you.

They might also be able to conduct asset searches all over the world for the dead. To locate hidden assets that your spouse did not disclose before or during the divorce.

Asset Search Companies can readily assist you in determining your partner’s financial strength. If you need to know your partner’s financial status for a commercial or personal reason, asset search businesses may assist you. These businesses offer a variety of services including identifying hidden assets, valuing them and tracking bank accounts to determine balances.

How to spot fake bank accounts numbers using an SSN

You can identify fake bank accounts by using an SSN

Verify that the numbers are correct.

It is common for scammers to fail to verify that all figures in financial records add up. If funds are not available for automatic verification, you will need to spend your time to see if the numbers add up.

It is wise to be cautious when matching bank account numbers and SSNs. Round numbers are often used by fraudsters to create bank statements. Properly round numbers are often a sign that a bank statements is authentic.

Consult a bank employee

Contact a banking agent if you’re unsure if the bank statement you got is real or fraudulent from a company. Don’t depend on any information on the bank statement; instead, call the bank directly. After reaching a bank representative, verify all information regarding your bank accounts with an SSN.

For discrepancies and errors, check the documents

Another warning sign that phony bank accounts numbers might exist is the existence of small and large irregularities. Are the font size and type constant across the same bank’s document types? The bank’s logo: is it accurate and up to par? These discrepancies could help combat online fraud, since those who make bank papers often become lazy.

Does the document’s math add up, and does the final balance make sense? Do there appear to be any suspicious withdrawals? If you find any discrepancies in your bank statements, you may need to conduct more research.

How can you tell if you have an SSN-enabled bank account?

The only way to verify that your SSN was issued by a bank is to contact the bank. A financial agent may request a postal copy for certain papers. There’s a good chance the bank won’t provide you with much assistance. Many banks will attach a digital signature in PDF files to prevent any document manipulation. However, this function is frequently used to protect investment accounts.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I find out how to locate bank accounts that have a social insurance number?

Is it possible to find a Bank Account with Social Security Number via private firms?

Private research to find Bank Account Search by Social Security Number can be efficient and secure. Private businesses may be able to conduct legal investigations and obtain essential information about secret accounts.

They might also follow government regulations. Businesses that search for bank accounts generally have more experience in investigative work.

Knowing the financial details of a person can also be difficult. However, there may be situations when you need or want to know about a person’s financial situation for specific reasons. This is where a search firm can help you.

Is it possible for a bank to ask me to submit my Social Security number.

Yes. Your Social Security number may be required by the bank in some cases. Banks may need to obtain an identity number for a variety of banking-related purposes, such as:

The individual’s Social Security number is an identification number for a US citizen. An identification number refers to the IRS-issued employer ID number for company accounts.

Is it possible for me to open a checking account with no social security number?

Yes. It is not necessary to have a social security number in order to open a savings or checking account. The bank or financial institution must verify your name, address, date of birth, and ID number before opening a checking/savings account.

Ask different banks or credit unions about their accounts and which types of identification numbers they accept.


There are many advantages to social security numbers. These tips will help you locate bank accounts that have a social security number.

Author’s Expert Opinion

It’s reassuring that your assets, including bank and trading accounts, may be checked using your Social Security number. However, to begin the process you will need to provide certain sensitive information and personal details. There are several reasons for this. The bank needs your contact details to be able to send you vital documents, such as your reports. The above tips will assist you in finding bank accounts with a Social Security Number.

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