How to Live on Your Own at 17

It’s not easy to make a move on your own or leave your home. Whatever else you have in mind, it’s often one of the most important decisions you can make in your 20s. It is difficult to live alone. It would help if you dealt with learning many things where it didn’t even cross your mind. These kinds of experiences enrich a person’s maturity. There are many pitfalls to this age. However, let’s try to see the best thing to do if you live independently at 17. This guide will show you how to live independently at 17.

17: How to Live Independently

Apply for the emancipation procedure

For many adults, independence is the most desired moment. Leaving your parents’ house allows you to achieve a sense of freedom. This only gives you not to explain what you do or do not do in your life. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to live with someone you love or with you at work. It is important to become independent. This will help you see your worst flaws, as well as your lazy and clumsy early years.

As you age and mature, independence is a natural part of life. There are pros and cons to this independence. You should be aware of these pros and cons before you make a final decision. You are a minor. Your parents have parental control over you. If you leave without their consent, they can force you to return to the family home.

You can request legal emancipation of your parents if 16 or more years old.

This would be the last option that you could present to the court, as you indicated in your application. This is a way to bring up the differences between you and your parents.

If you reside with your friend freely and voluntarily, you cannot be charged for any crime. This means that you are considered to be competent to make decisions.

Emancipation orders can be created by submitting proof of life to the legal system. The potential emancipated child must show that they meet the following requirements: They must be able to complete school and education requirements; participate in physical activities; receive nutrition advice and medical care; and make a financial contribution. You can also send emancipation letters to the legal Free School.

It is possible to make this application understand that their parents will always be there for their child. They can live in peace and haven’t because their son or daughter lives now where they can see more of the world and learn about other cultures.

This is a wonderful opportunity for them to explore different aspects of society, culture and life. It also allows them to develop their spirituality. Teenagers can access all features of the application including music, videos and games. However, they are completely free from parental control.

This is because they have more control over the lives of others.

Before you make any decisions, however, it is important to consider all of these factors.

Decide what you want.

Do you prefer to live alone? Or do you want to live with someone? Do you plan to work, study, or both in real-time? Which area? Are you looking to move into a smaller apartment? Is it in your best interests to move? These are all valid questions to ask before making a decision.

Calculate your income

Are you going to earn the same every month or some months you do and some months you don’t? If your incomes are low, living on your own will be impossible, also the services bills don’t give you away, consider getting help. You should wait until you have an income. Living alone can be a pleasant, but not easy experience.

These calculations are important. It is best to keep track of all credits and activities.

You can save some money

If you rent an apartment directly with a landlord, you should have at least two months’ rent in advance. It’s four to six months for real estate—all this, not to mention the things you will have to buy. It is a lot of responsibility to live alone. Being sick can be a difficult situation, especially during times of crisis. pandemics. Be aware of credit card debt and credit card expense.

Know your rights and learn about laws. No one can take advantage of your situation. It is possible to live alone (in most instances), but it does require responsibility.


Although we insist on the financial issue, it is also important to understand how to budget. Your monthly expenses for rent, expenses, fixed expenses (cell phone, internet) are all calculated.), and utilities (electricity, gas, water). You have what you need to live, eat, move, and breath. Good management is key to your success. You will see this term: security deposit. You’ll be glad you did!

Find your place

Many websites allow you to search properties by price, location, neighborhood, and type. It will also provide you with information about the prices. Take a look at the list and get to know your options.

It is crucial to find the right spot. It is an important activity. You will feel more peaceful and comfortable if you have a place to call home. It is essential to find your home.

You should inspect everything before you visit an apartment.

You can have a friend or a former student accompany you to check everything. Verify that the toilet, shower, and faucets work. You can be sure that there is no dampness, and that everything works as it should. Consider the following:

  • You love the place.
  • It is filled with light.
  • Heating and air conditioning are available.
  • There is a signal on your cell phone.

Take the time to look at the whole area. Ask about safety and the conditions of transport. Because every detail is important, it’s worth asking everything.

You should be careful about the contracts that you sign.

It is crucial to remain calm, even if you have great opportunities. Please refer to the following. contract carefully Ask someone to read it. It is important to know the following information before you sign. It’s usually two. A registry must be maintained for the property. Check, ask for everything and hesitate if something doesn’t fit. The contract can be interpreted, and the tenant usually loses. 

Learn the basics of survival.

Do you know how clean, sweep, and tidy? How do they prepare basic meals? Do you wash and iron? You probably don’t have to do this if you wear non-ironed clothes. However, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with how it’s done? There is always something new to learn, and there are always things to do at home. Consult public health experts to know more about staying healthy.

Make an inventory

Some items are essential (fridge, computer), while others are less important but still useful (TV, microwave and vacuum cleaner). Make a list of everything you own and what you require. Above all, check things in the kitchen: if you don’t have anything, now is a good period to restock. You’ll remember when you eat out of a bowl with three forks and no knife. Be safe now.

Ask for assistance on your Social networks.

I don’t just mean Twitter and Facebook – are you looking for an apartment with a direct landlord? Ask your family to recommend anyone. Don’t have a fridge or microwave? Ask your employer if they sell used microwaves. It’s also helpful to search the internet, of course. Looking for help with moving? Here are your friends to help.

Plan the move

No, you can’t put all your stuff in just one bag on moving day. Write down everything you’re going to pack and prepare everything from the week before. To be successful in life, organization is essential.


This is a wonderful activity but you have to take responsibility. You are having your place (even if it’s small and rented), and you feel great. Take a sip, champ. You deserve it.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible? If consented by parents, to live in a single room at 17 years old

No, the application for emancipation is not available without the parents’ consent. For the government to have access to your data, they must first request this permission. You must then contact us to provide all information necessary for us to file an application for emancipation.

You can apply for this right if you reside in the UK. Only a court order is required. Learn More!

Is it possible for a parent to kick their child out of school at 17?

No. No. Some exceptions exist, but it is most often done by custody modification.

Are you able to live with a friend when you are 17 years old?

It may be possible if the friend has the financial means to support you and provide security. It is best to get parental permission. It may not prove to be a good idea. However, each case and family is unique.

Are my parents allowed to call the police if I’m 17 years old?

Yes, because they are responsible for you until you turn 18. They have a duty to do so as parents. They can call the armed force if they believe you are in danger or don’t know your exact location.

Are my parents allowed to call the police if I’m 16 years old?

They can, because they are your caregivers. The only way they can’t is if there is already consent in court / federal government. They can also fear for your safety. Parents should always be there for their children’s best interests. You can send them messages. Let them know where are you.

Are my parents allowed to make me rent at 17?

Technically, no. Unless you have children already or are under additional financial strain. Keep in mind that they are legally responsible for your custody before the government.

Which is the earliest age that you can be emancipated from?

If you’re a British citizen, the age is 16. In the United States, however, it is either 17 or older. You can apply for emancipation at 16 with a few exceptions.

Iowa law allows a 17-year old to leave without consent from his parents.

Iowa’s age of consent is 18 years. This means that your parents are responsible until you turn 18. If a person under 18 leaves their parents’ home without their consent and the parents do not agree to leave, they can be marked as a runaway. The parents can then call the police to locate you and return your parents to you.

The short answer to your question is yes, you are minor. Everything flows through your parents. To help you free yourself from your parents, you might want to consult a family attorney. We recommend that you contact someone to discuss your concerns. An attorney can discuss your legal rights for your situation.

Final words

It’s important to take the time to plan your life. Whether you’re looking for a break from friends or family, taking the time to plan your life can be helpful. Making sure you have enough food, sleep, and money together can be difficult, but it’s often not difficult.

There are three options available for dealing with home problems: 

  • With a power-of-attorney 
  • As guardian 
  • Guardianship of a minor in person is the best and most legal option. It cannot touch any child older than six years.

Any means can be used to free a minor. This includes choosing to monetize them or activating their civil right. It also removes all obstacles in their way such as relatives who are currently behind bars or taking the appropriate actions like moving them out of their home.

You know that living alone at 17 is not an easy task. As human beings, we need to constantly train and develop ourselves. Living alone can provide the challenging and rewarding experience that we seek. You have to take the time to examine your situation and consider all options. Your parents are always there to help you. It all depends on your specific situation.

Certain conditions must be met before you can request emancipation. It is better to get the permission of your parents to go with you. Each family wants to be there for their children’s growth. That’s the main idea. 

You will learn a lot about yourself and your ability to live alone when you are 17. If you have the right circumstances, you should consider giving it a shot. Talk to your family and know your rights. Don’t be part of those dysfunctional families we have all over the world.

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